Cerium Combine

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One of Cerium’s main goals is to support the cryptocurrency community and contribute towards its development and expansion. Part of this is protecting those who get involved in coins which for whatever reason have failed or are struggling to reach its targets because as a community we need everyone we can get.

I have decided to launch an initiative called Cerium Combine. I’ve posted a few times in the past about how cerium itself has struggled to keep going due to unfortunate circumstances but fortunately we are still here today and continuing to maintain our innovativity.

The idea behind Cerium Combine is to combine the resources of Cerium and other coins to create a stronger coin for all. Here are the steps and rules for the plan:

cerium combine steps

A diagram of the Cerium Combine process.

Coins that have chosen to become part of the initiative are accepted in the swapover/crowdfunding campaign. Holders of the coins will send coins to a designated address for each coin.

Coins participating will have a predetermined set value according to the rough market price. For example, if a coin has a decided value of 1 satoshi you will need 5000 coins to get one of the new coin.

Cerium (XCE) will be valued at 5000 satoshis, a 1:1 swap.

For a coin to participate, Cerium requires ideally 2 people from the currency to come on board and be part of the new coins team. The currency can be abandoned, struggling or fully functional and the whole community doesn’t need to agree or swap, just so long as we have a minimum of 1 person from each currency to join the team. The idea is to combine our resources and skills to create a stronger coin which will have more success of adoption and use.

The person(s) has to have 1 or more of the following skills:

  • Coin Development
  • Web Development
  • Investment in the new coin/resources for the new coin
  • Graphics/Branding
  • Promotion
  • Wide range of contacts

For those who don’t own any (or enough) of the coins participating, There will be the option to invest Bitcoin to the project so all can be involved. This is a new coin for the community and together we can create something worthwhile that we can be proud of that can challenge with the frontrunners for the altcoin crown.

The collected people to be part of the core team for the new coin’s development need to be committed and help develop the coin. The core team will discuss and design the coin and work to build up services. We will try our best to fit in all the aims of the combined coins. The final goal will be to achieve something as close to the whitepaper on the cerium website.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on the Bitcointalk thread or on the Cerium Slack.